Switching on iCloud properly?

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    Aug 17, 2012

    I have two Macs, both running Mountain Lion, the latest version of iTunes and with registered iCloud accounts. They are both signed out of at present. I also have an iPhone 4 with a registered iCloud account which is currently off.

    At the moment I sync successfully via wi-fi between the phone and ONE mac. I want to use the cloud to include the other mac.

    Obviously the phone and current mac are full of synced calendar and contacts data.

    The other mac calendar is empty apart from the obligatory one calendar and one reminder which are empty. The contacts are full but could be deleted before I proceed with anything.

    FINALLY - what I would like help with is a step by step guide to switching on iCloud, disabling iTunes sync and populating the other mac with my current data without creating duplicates all over the place which is what happened before. Also, would you suggest using iCloud for backup, or could I use iTunes simply for backup and updating apps?

    I hope all this makes sense and thanks for taking the time to read this / help!



    PS I have searched but the info I have found relates to setting up new calendars, not dealing with data that is currently synced via wi-fi. Also, I findd the warning messages within the iCloud setup / merge process confusing as it is not rely clear what will happen depending on choices made! Or maybe its just me!!!
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    It's just you. :rolleyes:

    In mountain lion users have to think apple wants to make iCloud as easy as possible. What most older OS X users make is that you NO LONGER make new email account in the Mail application. You make the new email accounts in System Preferences->Mail, Contacts & Calendars. Also while in System preferences check out the iCloud pane and make sure you check the boxes you want to use iCloud.

    Use these two panes in System Preferences panes will get you going with iCloud.

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