Switching Soon, but what to do?


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Aug 24, 2002
Chicago, IL
Well guys way back in Jan. my pc burnt out and died, because of economic reasons I haven't been able to buy a new computer till now that and the fact I've been using the comps at school. Anyway for that past couple months I've looked up info on apple computers and the Mac platform and decided to make the switch, with the straw that broke the camels back named pallidium. So here's my dilema, I need a laptop because of presentations since I hate to borrow peoples comp's since they are just so personal. Well im looking at the Ibook for my needs but, from what I've read it should be upgraded question is when? Also office v.X is a possibilty, but I would like some feedback from AppleWorks user's if it is truly compatible with word .doc's.


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Oct 12, 2001
Okay.....Sept 2001, I bought the Dual USB iBook. I've barely had problems. Haven't tried Office V.X but have used Office 2001 on it. It works out great. I used Appleworks on it also, not bad for free software.

My suggestion to you, buy the fastest configuration, from what i've seen, they tend to be more complient with new software and hardware. Also buy Applecare.

Otherwise, hope you have a great time on the switch.


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Jan 18, 2002
behind you
I personally love appleworks and find that I dont need anything in a word processor thats not in it....and I like to keep my computer M$ free.

If the money doesnt matter get the TiBook as it has the G4 which makes a HUGE difference in performance.

With that said my gf just switched from her pc to an iBook. It got here on wed. She loves it more and more everyday, and it's pretty snappy.

It's not likely to be upgraded right away, and classes are starting soon...if you need it for classes, buy the 700Mhz iBook. If you wont be satisfied with that, I personally doubt there will be an iBook revision before November. It was updated in May...November is 6 months...which means it will be due for an upgrade (though it may take longer).
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