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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mamon343, Oct 20, 2011.

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    I currently have a family plan (3 lines) on tmobile and I'm trying to get the 4s with at&t. If I reserve 2 4s on apple.com/retail can I also create a family plan with at&t at the apple store when I go tomorrow?

    I called a couple of at&t store to ask if there had any 4s left , they said no and they didn't know when they will get the next shipment.

    I live in NYC.

  2. AJsAWiz, Oct 20, 2011
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    Yes. I ordered my 4S at the Apple Store online.
    I was going to switch to the family plan so the rep at AT&T told me to bring both iPhones (3GS currently have and 4S on the way) and they would take care of everything. He told me, do not activate the 4S at home but bring it into the store, along with the other one, instead.

    Oops, sorry. Just noticed you asked if they will create the family plan for AT&T at the Apple Store. Don't know the answer to that but hope my response, albeit a bit misguided, helped anyway.
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    Yes, you can activate and subscribe to a family plan with AT&T from the retail Apple Store. I did something similar, moving from an individual plan with T-Mobile to AT&T just last night. Moving to a family plan should be the same.

    Be aware, though, that you can only reserve one iPhone per Apple ID. So reserve the 2nd iPhone with another Apple ID.

    Good luck!

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