Switching to Mac from my ThinkPad W700

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Crunch, Feb 5, 2010.

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    Thanks for a well written FAQ. :) Apparently, you know the OS inside and out. I am about to switch to Mac from my ThinkPad W700. As an OS junkie, I'd love to hear your opinion (as unbiased as possible ;) ) as to how and why Mac OS X is better than Windows 7. And if you happen to know, can I also ask how well Windows 7 will work in Boot Camp?

    Anyone else's input would also be greatly appreciated. I am sick of Lenovo's handling of the once awesome ThinkPad's, most especially with the lack of IPS screen technology.

    I figure that with Apple upgrading the iMac's to 21.5" and 27" to include IPS displays, and even with the forthcoming (and quite inexpensive) iPad, Apple is seemingly focused on excellence in quality of screens, because that 9.7" iPad will have an LED-backlit IPS display as well.

    That leaves the MacBook's as the only line of Apple's products without IPS. Steve Jobs was reportedly talking about a "significant" update to the MacBook's on Jan. 27.

    With the upcoming MacWorld event from 2/9 through 2/13, can we expect any announcements regarding something like that? As I said, I'm still new to Apple, although as of OS 3.1, the iPhone platform with a Jailbreak is now doing everything that I had been able to do with my BlackBerry, so why not take it all the way...and I figure I can have my cake and eat it, too, with a MacBook running a dual-boot OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Ultimate. ;)

    So besides getting the iPad w/ 3G on a "why not" basis when it comes out, I have another $2,500 with Steve-oh's name on it...just...can we have that...really nice super duper screen...pretty please? :apple:
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    so your question is about OSX vs Win7? I have installed Win7 on Parallels on my MBP, and it worked very well. I couldn't get it to boot camp, but then Apple updated boot camp to support Win7.

    As far as windows vs OSX, it depends on what you do. I never used a Mac (well in school, but never owned one) before buying my MBP a while back, and i really like how everything works.

    I like the aesthetics of OSX a lot better. I like the lay out of the menus better in OSX. I was never a fan of how Windows was organized, so to speak. Windows 7 looks a lot better than XP (never used Vista).

    I only installed Win7 on my machine because I bought a Sony Ericsson phone and needed Windows to flash my phone, as there is no program written for OS X. So I cannot comment on how much better Win7 is than Vista, but i can say that it didn't crash on me :)

    I'd say if you need both OS's, you are better off with a Mac, as you obviously can run both.
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    Windows 7 is a big improvement i've got it running on Parallels. of course i prefer Mac OS X :cool:
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    I have Windows 7 Professional BootCamped on my 2008 MacBook, so it should work fine for you (using the most recent BootCamp ofc). Mac OS X also has the major advantage of just working with Multimedia (ie iTunes just runs, Online video just works etc - no codecs needed).

    Also, Apple isnt at MacWorld this year, so I wouldnt expect any announcements - might be wise to hold on though, just in case :)


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