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  1. iNewbie82, Aug 2, 2011
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    Aug 2, 2011
    Hi all, it's my first post here.

    I'm a marketing consultant from Italy and I'm considering to switch to Mac/iPhone to satisfy my personal/professional needs. Besides considering Apple products steps ahead in terms of design and ease-to-use (I love this "it just works" philosophy), I have some questions about icloud and syncing capabilities with gmail and my other account that I use at work...

    If I use iCloud to sync contacts/calendars/reminders/pics/music and so on, do I need to open a new @me.com account? I don't need another email account, I use gmail as personal/professional account plus the account I use at work and I have an Apple ID (my gmail address :p).

    I don't want to go crazy with tons of email accounts and I cannot stop using gmail. I also need one unified and shared (both on iphone and mac, i don't care about web apps) address book with personal and pro contacts. On the same side I need shared reminders: they're fundamental for my job. I need both gmail and my professional account syncing between Mac and iPhone.

    If I understand well, iCloud could be the "umbrella" to do this.

    The steps are:
    1) Import google contacts to icloud and my address book will be shared automagically.
    2) Import reminders from gmail to icloud.
    2) Configure both gmail and the other email account I use at work by exchange in Mail and iPhone (this will work without iCloud, right?).

    Am I right? If I register an iCloud account using the Apple ID gmail address, can I use iCloud account without @me.com address just to sync contacts and caldendars between iDevices? This is actually my biggest concern about iCloud.

    If I had mistakes I'm sorry, my english is not perfect (yet :p)
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    Aug 2, 2011
    Has anyone tried to use icloud with his gmail address and can help me out?
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    I dont have a icloud account, but as it's going to be the same as mobile me for those functions then I say it'll work.

    I have two email accounts, a @me.com and a @gmail.com
    once set up on a mac, it will sync with other macs. for you iphone, you need to set them up separately.
    If you set up gmail on your phone, then switch off contact and calendars, as you already have these on icloud/mm, you don;t want to make duplicates.
  4. jaybie, Oct 30, 2011
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    Oct 30, 2011
    move contacts, calendar, email from gmail to iCloud

    This is how you switch from Gmail to iCloud on your Mac and leave your gmail intact in case you ever want to go back. Description how to move your contact, agenda and all your email to iCloud:


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