switcht to mac,but have been using xp lol

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by timestoby, Mar 21, 2009.

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    Jun 10, 2007
    north devon,uk
    i switcht to mac about 5 months ago cause of all the stuff i hear about macs and the fact that mac hardware is the best lookn around. the osx is good,no problems with it,but there are two issues that bug me and why i installed xp and have been using xp a month after using osx

    1. theres no taskbar so i cant see wot pages are open or wot programs are open,although you can tell wot programs are open cause of the dot above it in the osx dock,i found that alot of times when i click on wotever program i had open it doesnt always come to the front so i end up minimizing to get to the program. same thing with webpages,if i had multi windows open i had to mimize them all first which was a pain,even then it doesnt say wot page it is in the dock,unless i missed a setting. although i have installed an app that allows taskbar,i found its just in the way.

    2. the hdd format is fat32 (4gb limit) and i download large hd mkv files and its just better in windows to download onto the ntfs drives instead of having another computer on and transfering from that computer to ntfs drive and then plugging it into the mac just to watch,plust plex is kinda a pain since it doesnt open in a window where you can make any size you want and it goes fullscreen.

    i do realize that macfuse is availible,but im not sure i trust that for the fear of corrupting my hdds

    im not sayn osx is bad,but these are the only two issues why im not using it.

    i did log into osx just the other day and i found using firefox to be slow compated to on xp.like when i dragd the sidbar to scroll down.

    ill go back to osx when i can have a netbook for my video etc. i dont have room for the desktop keyboard at the time or id use that aswell.
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    Aug 3, 2007
    I think that you should use whatever you feel most comfortable using. OS X is not for everybody. If you really want to make the switch I recommend getting Pogue: "Mac OS X - The Missing Manual".

    I use Exposé for that (and I believe everyone else does as well).

    No, the hdd format is HFS+ (no 4gb limit). If the format is FAT 32 it's because you made it FAT 32.

    I don't understand why you would want to go back to OS X? XP seems to work for you. I personally think XP is an excellent OS (although I don't use it much). :)
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    north devon,uk
    oh,that expose thing is where all the pages will show on the desktop,ive seen vids where people will open loads of pages for some reason.i really never thought of using it,but i might have to try it out i guess

    so if i were to format an external hdd to hfs+ i could have any file size on there.

    sounds like i could go back to osx then. thanks
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    Bye Bye Baby

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    I grew up on a mac so most of what you notice I don't.

    Some times it is just case of what you are used to doing, not what is unquestionably better.

    I wish you well. The more you use OSX I think the more you will like it. I would stick with things that are common and then move to those things that require more adjustment.

    Best wishes.

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