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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by chrisi29, Oct 25, 2008.

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    Oct 15, 2008
    Hey everybody^^

    At the moment I own a HP Notebook which I find looks great, but which is also defective. It would crash every once and awhile with a bluescreen. I brought it to my retailer and they sent it to HP. They supposedly had a look at it but didn't find anything wrong so they just sent it back to me. But it didn't stop crashing... and it still does:confused: xD

    So HP Switzerland are *******s^^

    What about Apple?
    I'd like to buy the new 15'' MacBook Pro but I've seen so many complaints about manufacturing defects (Hell, how can there even be so many??? I mean potential Buyers shouldn't be scared about buying defective products-.- I am...) here and how the users would bring their computer back to Apple Stores to get a new one... Just like that xD... we're so not used to that here... I mean we don't even have one single Apple Store.

    So what if my online-ordered MacBook Pro has those flaws? Where do I bring it? I just send it back to Apple? Or can I also bring it to a Apple Reseller? That would work wouldn't it?

    Oh and please don't complain about my english^^ I'm only 15... but I did get the Cambridge First Certificate^^ Had an A^^ Yay :p

    Thank you very much^^
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    Mar 11, 2008

    Well I'm in Holland, another country without Apple Stores and just guessing its a similar situation: Apple resellers in Holland give preferential treatment to their own customers, meaning if you bought the product in their store and ever need a repair, they will take better care of you. They are not supposed to do this according to Apple, but in reality that is what happens. If that is the case in Switzerland, then I would suggest purchasing your laptop at the most convenient store nearby you which is also an Apple Certified repair shop just in case you ever need them. If they ever say "no" to something you felt was reasonable, call Apple. I find Apple support people to be the most reasonable I have ever dealt with. If Apple authorizes a repair (out of warranty), then the store will just do it. I have had three generations of Apple laptops and highly recommend MBPs. Despite the problems you read about here, AFAIK Apple still has the highest quality rating and excellent Support.

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    Sep 12, 2008

    We have TWO official Apple Stores in Switzerland now, one in Geneva and one in Zurich. So buy direct from Apple (not from Manor/FNAC or another reseller) and you will have ZERO problems getting things fixed/replaced. I don't know which canton you're in so you might have a long way to go...

    If you're worried about flaws get Applecare - it is an extra cost but IMHO well worth it for notebooks. You get one year warranty as standard of course and you have 14 days to return/swap your notebook if there is an obvious problem immediately, Applecare extends this to three years.

    Your English is fine!



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