Sydney hotel - Darling Harbour vs Potts Point

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by yg17, May 31, 2015.

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    I'm going to Sydney in a few months and trying to pick a hotel to stay in. I prefer to stick with the IHG chain, since I'm a platinum member and whatnot, and having a few thousand rewards points across multiple hotel chains does me no good.

    Anyways, that leaves two Holiday Inn hotels, which are fine with me. I never go luxurious when it comes to hotels. One is in Potts Point/Kings Cross, and one in Darling Harbour. I'm trying to figure out which area is better. The one in DH is roughly $300 USD more (at today's exchange rates) for the length of my stay. I've read that DH is a nicer area, and Kings Cross can be a bit sketchy, but is it bad enough to warrant the extra $300 to stay at DH? Both hotels are about equal amenity-wise and are both close to public transportation so it seems as if the only difference is the neighborhood they're in. Thanks!
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    Kings cross is a red light district - it is NOT awful or dangerous, but...
    I've been there for like four or five days and it took me three to realise ;-)
    From now on my favorite hotel is Y Hotel in Hyde Park - no reward points I am aware of, it is charity owned (YWCA), and so some of your money goes for a good cause. Good enough quality, closer to the city than KC, but not as close as DH. And for sure way cheaper ;-)

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