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    Sep 26, 2010
    Hello, all-

    I have a 500GB HD and a 1 TB external HD. I have a large number of photo & video files, so I occasionally archive these to external media (HD + DVDs, for example) to free up room on my primary drive and make room for more.

    So, although I realize that Time Machine would keep my archived files for a period of time, they would eventually get bumped off the external drive since Time Machine just makes incremental backups of the primary drive in its present state.

    I've used Carbon Copy Cloner & simply de-selected my video & archived photo folders, but this is suboptimal. Because you cannot "edit" the carbon copy cloner scheduled tasks, once I delete another folder of images off of my hard drive, I need to re-do the entire sync profile again (re-select all the folders to copy, etc.).

    Ideally, I'd be able to designate certain folders as a one-way copy; i.e., any changes on my primary drive would be reflected on the backup drive, but deleted items (in specified folders) would not be deleted on the backup.

    Any recommendations or suggestions of how to deal with this?


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