Sync both Mac, PC and iPad to 1 iCloud account?

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    Sorry if this has already been answered.

    I use a Mac at home and have an iPad and iPhone 4. In work I use a Win 7 PC and MS Exchange. I also have a iCloud account. I want to do the following but am unsure 1) if I can do it and 2) how best to set it up...

    I need my contacts to sync via my PC at work which is connected to MS Exchange. If I add a new contact to any of my devices, I want this pushed to iCloud and then to all my other devices.

    Same as above - need it to sync with my PC and Exchange.

    I want bookmarks to sync with my Mac at home.

    I want this to sync with Aperture on my home Mac.

    Is it possible to do this? Can I have 2 different machines (my Mac and my PC) both syncing with iCloud without affecting eachother? I have a fear that the whole thing will get confused and I will end up losing information!

    Hope you can help.
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    Yes, iCloud will sync too all machines you own, and you can set each machine to sync different things (for example, I don't have my photos syncing to my work machine).

    However, you will need to install iCloud Control Panel on your Windows machine in order to sync it with iCloud.
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    Hi, Take it from me you will struggle using iCloud to sync you Contacts and Calendars in Outlook 2007, maybe you can setup exchange accounts on your iPhone and iPad bypassing iCloud, I would think whoever looks after your exchange server would need to do that?

    There is a lot of disgruntled Outlook 2007 PC user's here

    Good Luck.

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