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    I recently left my company where my 1800+ contacts resided on their exchange server. My account has been disabled but since I havent deleted the account from any of my devices (iphone, ipad, imac, mbp) they still appear to be there. I had also exported them to a folder prior to my departure. What's the best way to start clean and make sure the contacts are syncing across devices without any ties to the exchange server?
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    When you were at the company did you save it on your machine or on the Exchange server like a local cloud account? That would explain what you are saying.
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    I had exported them to a folder in dropbox so I could import them into OSX's contacts app. To be clear, I am not getting any mail via the exchange accounts on my devices but I also havent deleted the accounts yet. Could that be why I still see them?
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    Yes, that is the reason. If the export you did, before leaving, is in the .olm format, you should be able to import directly into apple mail. If it is .csv or .xls, you will need to work with it to match fields. Was not a fun process when I went through the same thing a few months ago. Good luck.


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