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    I'm currently taking a programming class in which I work on projects on the school's computers, save the files onto the flash drive, work on the projects at home, and then sync the files again. Is there anything that would automatically sync certain folders when I plug the flash drive in or change files on either of these? (i.e. the programming folder on my mac syncs with the programming folder on the flash drive) I've searched Mroogle, and I'd rather not have to buy Chronosync for $40. Any suggestions?


    ^bump^ I'd like to get this fixed
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    Not automatic but free! Have to set the options up, put a check mark in the "Copy Set To Folder" box (whatever that is supposed to mean)...
    Then set up two backup sets (or Synchronize if you prefer) one from the flash drive to the HD, one the other way around, on both computers.
    Careful! The backup option will overwrite older files! Of course in this case that is what you want, but test this with expendable files until you understand what it does to your files.
    As with all powerful tools/software it can be dangerous. And it can save you a lot of time when working with a large number of files.
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