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    So, I have an Iphone 5 and a Galaxy 4 tablet, I want to sync all my App data and info on to my Tablet, how can I do this? I am sure it would be really easy if these companies wern't in competition with each other. Thanks for the Help.
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    You cannot.
    You cant transfer your saved game progress between different operating systems like iOs and Android.
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    I suspect Applejuiced is right on that--all the cross platform games I know of inevitably won't allow you to move from one platform to another without basically starting over. There may be exceptions, of course, and you're probably best off checking on the game dev's website for each game to see what they recommend. If most of the game progress data is held on the server side, moving from one platform to another *might* be possible, in theory.

    Since you don't list exactly what you want to move: there's no 1-click universal solution to sharing data between platforms. Everything else besides games kinda depends on exactly what data you're trying to sync and how the app itself handles syncing in general. Plenty of people have gotten their Google calendars & contacts onto their iPhone, for example, and vice versa. Some 3rd party apps use Dropbox to sync data, which is platform neutral--go into an app's settings on each device and point it at the right folder, and it "just works" from there. But that typically requires that app devs produce the same app for both iOS and Android...and that doesn't always happen. Things like Evernote & Facebook use their own servers and are also platform neutral, just log in.

    iCloud is not platform neutral. Any 3rd party app data stored on iCloud is not going to sync to Android (or Windows phones), for the most part.

    I'd suggest looking for one of the many "iphone to android" articles on the web, and then coming back here with any specific questions you run into afterwards.
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