Sync iPhone to Outlook is horrible!

Discussion in 'iOS 5 and earlier' started by cubist, Mar 25, 2012.

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    Old events (like a week ago) are not deleted, sometimes events are not transferred, items deleted on the phone get recreated. It's a real mess. Surely I must not be the only person who is having these problems? There were always problems at the DST boundary, these may be related to that, but under 5.1 things are much, much worse.

    I already gave up on the notes because the sync process was replacing updated notes with old versions. Where it got the old versions I wasn't sure, because it happened whether I updated them on the PC or on the phone. Nobody else had ever heard of this happening...

    I remember the iPhone sync was reliable when I was using iCal on the Mac. Now I no longer have a Mac which syncs (since PPC Tiger is not supported), I have to use Outlook 2003, and it's so bad I'm thinking of giving it up and getting (shudder) a Windows Phone. I need the organizer to be usable; I have about 200 calendar items.
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    Personally, I gave up on using a 3rd party interface for calendar, contacts and email. I now use iCloud for all, even though it took a while to set up.

    I had all these in a Gmail account, forwarded my email to iCloud and had the contacts synced. WHAT A MESS that turned out to be. My contacts list was duplicated and tripl-icated. Deletions weren't deleted. Old data showed up. When I lost ALL my calendar, I figured if I have to recreate the calendar, I'm doing it in ALL iCloud. Haven't been sorry. Works extremely well and everything is always in sync (iPhone and iPad and PC -

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