Sync iPhone with same files but from different partitions (May be in wrong section)

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    Feb 4, 2010
    Sorry if the title is confusing and sorry if im in the wrong section... please move if needed.

    Right... i have a imac with SL and bootcamp W7 and i want to be able to sync my phone in both operating systems and the changes to be saved and accessed across both of them, ie... sync apps off my iPhone onto windows OS then see them in os x... i already have iTunes setup on mac but was thinking if i could just install it on windows and set it to save on the os x partition... i also remember something about a library ID in a file somewhere... would i also have to put that on the windows iTunes?

    i dont know if it would work but if anyone has done it and knows how to it would be great!

    Thanks in advanced

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    Feb 4, 2010
    thanks.. yeah it was what i mentioned about the key earlier, i will try changing it but i also realised that in mac NTFS is read only and windows its the same... i will have to make a ~20GB Fat32 partition to store shared media on :/

    ill give it a go and post results though



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