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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by pengu, Aug 17, 2007.

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    ok, so i've ordered a new MBP and I'm just starting to think about a few little things..

    my current main machine is a dual 2ghz G5 PowerMac, with 3gb RAM and it HAD 250GB (factory) + 500GB drives until.. well my July got worse

    anywho. so i HAD my home drive setup on the 500GB and the OS on the 250. most of the content for said Home drive was Music/Movies/etc.

    So, given the limited HDD space, i don't think i'll need most of the music on the laptop, a new ipod will handle that quite well, but some things i will want to keep a copy on the laptop, and a copy on the G5 (so that scheduled backups can run without me having to remember to plug the laptop into a drive)

    so my thoughts are to use something like MarcoPolo with a "Home" trigger to run something like File Synchronization to sync the required data..

    of course with leopard so close, that introduces another little interesting thing.. would OSX Server and a "mobile user account" be a better option? how will "Back to Mac" in Leopard affect this?

    and last off.. hardware wise.. sometime in the near future i will be getting an SR6600 which means i could either
    a)plug it into the G5 and use an NFS/AFP share to access it from the Lappy;
    b) sell the G5, and just plug in the external drive when im at home;
    c) sell the G5 and get a Mini to replace it (see point a) (i'd like to think the G5 will at least cover the cost of a new Mini, given the 3gb ram and 6800 video card, but will use so much less power/space)

    im sure some of you are in a simmilar position, how do you get around the "two machines, what's duplicated and whats not, and how is it backed up" situation?
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    Mar 20, 2005
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    nobody else has this dilemna and/or a solution/suggestions!?
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    I use Chronosync to keep things synced up on my several macs.

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