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Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by vatter69, Jun 3, 2016.

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    i love listening to podcasts or audiobooks while running. Is there a way to sync stuff to the apple watch without going the iTunes route? I absolutely dislike iTunes and have nothing stored there but all in my NAS or apps like nPlayer on my iphone.

    It appears to be impossible to manually copy files into the watch right? Is there a 3rd party app that i missed? The music player on the watch would basically need only be able to start/stop the music/podcast etc.
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    I don't think that's possible yet. It would be nice if Apple offered a version of their Podcast App for the watch that could automatically keep the same podcasts on your watch as what you have on your phone. I'm guessing that they haven't done this yet because podcasts have a way of accumulating and eating lots of room.

    This won't help you but Downcast makes a great podcast app that has a nice Apple Watch App that allows you to control your podcasts from your watch. You just have to have the phone within Bluetooth range.
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    Having podcasts on my watch might push me to finally buy bluetooth headphones. I've been using my tiny iPod Nano lately for my walking commute.

    Consider me subscribed for later info.
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    I am REALLY mad with Apple that they pulled this feature from the first generation watch. Why can I sync music to the Watch and not podcasts? Overcast has a pretty much perfect app on iPhone and AW. If only there was a feature to download some episodes to the Watch. I am helping myself at the moment with changing the genre type of my podcast episodes to music and sync it as an intelligent playlist to the AW. But this takes sooo much time and effort. I really can't believe Apple has no Podcast sync to the Watch. Shame on you, Apple!

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