Sync problems: 40 minutes & wrongly indicates there's not enough space

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by IronWaffle, Jun 24, 2010.

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    I know I'm not the only person to have some sync time issues, but I haven't seen discussion on the other part of my dilemma. I could really use some input trying to solve this.

    I have a new 32gb iPod Touch 3g on iOS 4 (syncing to iTunes 9.2 on Windows 7, 64 bit) that is taking 30-40 minutes to sync AND iTunes insists there isn't enough room (even though after the sync the iPod will gladly fill up plenty more using iTunes Wi-Fi). I had this problem with my previous 2g as well. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue with the same symptoms:

    Sync settings:
    1. Convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC (I know this slows the initial transcoding sync and when I add new songs, but this happens even if I'm just removing and not adding tracks).

    2. I sync selected playlists only; non are random, no iMixes.

    3a. Doing a full sync I'm left with about 800 mb free, and a sync takes 2-5 minutes; if I try to use this space during the sync I get a pop up there's isn't enough room, but I can still download up to 800 mb via iTunes Wi-Fi if I want.

    3b. If I check the "automatically fill free space with songs" I'm left with about 400 mb free, but a sync then takes 30-40 minutes as it wants to re-transcode about 150 tracks. As with 3a, I can download up to 400 mb via iTunes Wi-Fi.
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    Jun 24, 2010
    try these

    try turning off the convert to 128 bit rate option.
    if that doesn't work, try restoring your ipod (although i doubt thats the problem since it happened with your old ipod)
    then try uninstalling itunes (not reinstalling) then downloading it again. the program you downloaded may have had a problem.
    also, before you install itunes again, check C:/program files/ to make sure the itunes folder is completely gone, or just delete it from there to uninstall it.
    once its installed again, download the ios 4 ipsw from and restore your ipod (after you back it up. not sync it. just right click on the ipod and hit back up) but when you hit restore, hold shift and choose the ios 4 ipsw you downloaded. that site should have a non buggy one just in case the problem is with your ios
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    May 29, 2010
    I think this might work:

    Delete the files from the following folder and reconnect your iPod.


    Don't delete your iPod's folder... delete the files that are inside it.

    I was going crazy trying to figure this out because my iPod would just sit there and say it was syncing for a long time and if I tried to cancel the sync, iTunes would freeze and go nowhere. So I found this hint in an Apple thread and I decided to save some people the trouble and so that they don't think they need to bring their iPods back to the store.

    Note: This also works on iPhones.

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