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    My mum has a new 32GB iPad 2 and my Dad loaded his apps via iTunes on his laptop. However, he doesn't have any music on his iTunes and I want to sync my music into the iPad as my mum wants some songs on her new iToy.

    Can I safely sync music without affecting any of the apps? And do I need to authorise my Mac with my Dad's iTunes Store account?
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    I don't think it is possible. Usually when you hook it up to a new computer it says it's synced with another computer, if you want to sync with this everything will be deleted. Can you get the music on his itunes, maybe even just on an external harddrive if he doesn't want it on his laptop.

    Not sure where you are at but if you purchased your music through iTunes you can download it directly onto the iPad from the iTunes app under purchases, if that is available in your country.
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    They are in Malaysia.

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