Sync videos to photos app and send them thorough imessage

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by kris-hm, Aug 5, 2017.

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    Mar 25, 2014
    I have an iphone 7 running IOS 10.3.1 and i want to be able to sync videos from my computer to my phone using itunes. I can sync the videos but when i do they do not appear in the photos app on my phone under videos or camera roll or anywhere i can find. So instead i went back into itunes and found my VLC media player app, i uploaded the video to the library in my app which worked. I then saved the video from my VLC app to my videos folder in the photos app which also worked. Now i want to be able to send the video via imessage... This is the part i cant figure out.
    I have the video rendered as a .mp4, it is very good quality so i thought the size of the file may be too big. I checked and it was 18.4MB
    I didnt think that was too big but maybe too big to send via imessage. So i sent myself a video off my phone to my mac via imessage. This video was taken with my camera app and is 1:28 long. The file size is 25.6MB. Bigger than the file i want to send via imessage.
    So the file is not too big to be sent. I thought maybe i just cant send .mp4 files for some reason? So i rendered the video again as a .mov file which is what the file i sent from my phone to my macbook was formatted as. I did not try to send this video via imessage though because the quality of this was horrible.
    Can anyone help me here? Ive got most of this figured out. I just want to be able to send these videos via imessage or even text message but it will not send. the progress bar only goes about half was and then it immediately shoots back and says cannot be delivered or was not delivered with the red exclamation mark.
    It does not take long for this to appear so i know something is wrong with the file.
    If anyone knows what im doing wrong or knows a work around id ap[appreciate the assistance.

    I see i spelled through wrong in the title. My mistake. I cant seem to change it though... oops
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    Feb 6, 2012
    Not sure what is going on but I just checked and I can send videos from the photos app through iMessage just fine. Not sure of the size of the video (couldn't figure out how to find that on the phone) but it was 1:40 video shot on an iPhone 6. It took a while for the video to load into the message so it looks like it was of a decent size.

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