synced video from itunes doesnt work

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  1. trynix macrumors newbie

    Aug 25, 2008
    Hi all,

    I have just downloaded some iTunes university lectures onto my macbook, just as a sample, one of these lectures has the following specs:

    Kind: MPEG-4
    Codec: H.264
    Dimensions: 320x240
    Total bitrate: 416kbps
    Channels: stereo
    Profile Low Complexity
    Bitrate: 99kbps
    Size: 129.5

    I synced the video onto my iphone 3g, and now when I play it on my iphone I only see a blank screen and the audio of the lecture plays.

    It plays fine on my macbook though, and just to clarify, those lectures are considered as Movies on my iTunes/iPhone.

    Can anyone help me please on that.
  2. trynix thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 25, 2008
    In order to stress the issue a bit more, I am now giving more details:

    Programming paradigm (lect 1 for example):

    Programming methodology(lect 1 for example):

    The only differences between them are size bitrate and total bitrate.

    * Both are:

    MPEG-4 Video files (H.264)

    * Programming paradigm (plays ok):

    Size: 53.4 MB
    Bit rate: 100 kbps
    Total bit rate: 424 kbps

    * Programming methodology (only audio plays, screen stays blank):

    Size: 160.2 MB
    Bit rate: 125 kbps
    Total bit rate: 446 kbps

    * Official iphone specs:

    Baseline Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 160 Kbps, 48kHz, stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4 and .mov file formats; H.264 video, up to 768 Kbps, 320 by 240 pixels, 30 frames per second.

    If we see the official iphone specs, then both the videos are within the playable range. But for some reason, the paradigms video plays well, while methodology one only plays sound but no video (blank screen).

    Can anyone guide me on why this is happening? and how to fix it?

    PS: iPhone 3G
  3. Dr. Cabrera macrumors 65816

    Aug 25, 2008
    Los Angeles
    i had a similar problem with some of my lectures as well

    the first slide will show, but only the audio will play

    to be fair i think researching and solving this problem is not worth the time and effort ( just watch it on a computer)

    if you can fix the problem, send me a PM

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