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    My wife and I each have an iphone 4 and an ipad 1. We synch with itunes on the same computer and have been doing this for years with successive upgrades of the OS without problems. In this recent upgrade to OS 5, however, my Contacts were replaced with her Contacts and my Calendar with her Calendar. In other words, I now have my wife's Contacts and Calendars. This has never happened before. Is there any way I can change the synching format so that we get our individual contact lists and calendars back again?
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    If you want separate contacts and calendars then you need separate iCloud accounts.

    Once you have separate iCloud accounts you can both still login to the iTunes store with the same account so that you get the same apps and music. (Or if you maintain separate apps and music then each use your own iTunes account)
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    How do we get separate iCloud accounts?

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