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Discussion in 'iPad' started by wolfpackfan, Feb 17, 2010.

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    I know we really know no specifics as to how files will be synched with iWorks on the iPad, but I'm just wondering how do you THINK it might work. Will it mainly be having the iPad connect as a remote server to your Mac or PC and you copy files over? Or (hopefully) there will be ways that this could be done via a cloud. I would imagine that MobileMe might would be allowed to do this but what about other services such as Dropbox or Google Docs? I wonder if Google Docs at anytime in the future will allow for desktop file sync like Dropbox does? I have a MobileMe account which is about to expire, but I've decided not to renew it because it is just not worth $99 (or a little cheaper at Amazon). But if it is the only way to do a cloud sync for iWorks on the iPad, I might would open it up again. Thoughts?
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    I would guess it would be a client and not a server. It it was to sync, I would think it would sync to iDisk on MM before anything else.
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    The iPad will mount a shared folder when you plug it in, allowing you to copy files to and from it. Also don't forget about
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    this will be great because it will mean that I will not have to physically sync it. I imagine that I will use it by having a selection of top rated tunes and some videos on it and then moving my work on and off it

    can't wait
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    I'm hoping it just uses a simple file sharing system like you can do between macs. So when you are in iwork and need a file, you just click "open" and can choose either the files you saved on the ipad itself, or can click on any computer you have hooked up to your wifi network and find a file on there. That would be perfect for me.

    I also hope that would work for other types of files like mp3s and video, that way you could stream those files over the network and listen to your music or watch your movies over the wifi. The ability to do that would make the ipad a perfect home media device.
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    Seeing as Apple has MobileMe, & a $2 billion data centre coming online this year...

    Presumably you could sync your Documents etc folder with dropbox or similar.
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    You can do this to any computer with the new itunes now, should be able to do it with the ipad as well.
  9. Bodhi395 macrumors 6502a

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    The keyword here is 'should.' I know you can't do this currently with the iphone, and ipad uses the iphone OS. So I hope Apple tweeked it for the ipad so you can do this, but Apple is known to not include certain obvious features in its products. Usually though they eventually get around to including them... can you say copy/paste.
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    I bet it will be more like eWallet and other apps that have a PC client that syncs with the iPhone app via a network connection. The iPhone app "finds" the PC app and they talk to each other. I doubt they will open up a disk inside the iPad.

    And probably some tight MobileMe/iDisk integration.
  11. gt1948 macrumors regular


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    and I hope when the data center comes online idisk transfer will speed up. Other than that slowpoke MobileMe is fine.

    I would imagine that iPad will sync just like the iphone does now.

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