Synching iCal and folders between iMac and MacBook withou MobileMe

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ViM, Jan 26, 2009.

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    Is it possible to automatically sync iCal between an iMac, MacBook and iPod touch when they are in the same wireless network without paying for a service such as MobileMe. Since it would be a waste pf money to only use such a small proportion of the service. So basically what I envisage is going home from uni and synching iCal ammendments aswell as backing livescribe notes aswell as pages/word docs automatically, well at least simply.
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    Not an easy way. I think the only way would be for you to copy down the necessary Library and App Support folders/files for them to a flash drive/email and copy them to the other machine (effectively replacing the current ones with the new data). You could create an AppleScript that could do this, but that's a whole other deal. Then you would have to sync it to the touch because as far as I know there is only MM to sync info automatically to it, unless it's some other app in the App Store (they have some to-do apps that might function well as a calander or appointemnt book that sync across the web), but it won't be through iCal.

    Next best? Use some online service. Doesn't Google have some calander? Though you would need wi-fi with your touch to access it.

    Also, MobileMe may be $99, and there are free services out there that can do the same essential syncing, however, there is no single package and you would need to sign up/subscribe to multiple ones to do the same things as MM (however you just want to do one). When you consider it, MM comes out to about $8.25 a month for its services, which isn't all that bad.
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    MobileMe is now a wonderful product.

    I use it religiously and they really have fixed it up nicely. I don't hear/see many complaints online or from friends/family any more like I did at the beginning.

    When I change something it's updated in under 1 minute now on 5 devices.
    That's pretty fantastic if you ask me. Plus it's a great way to keep an off-site backup of your calendars, contacts, and up to 20gb of pictures/files. Pretty great for 99 bucks a year.

    Give the free 60 day trial a shot, see how you like it. If you hate it, then cancel...but chances are you'll love it.

    You could try google calendar. Which will sync w/ ical now via CalDAV.

    You could also set up a server in your home running CalDAV protocols that you could tell iCal to talk to...but that's getting really technical.

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