Synching to iCloud - the latter one misappropriates data

Discussion in 'iOS 10' started by Mac2013orlater, Nov 8, 2016.

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    Myself dislikes backing up iOS 10.x (iPhone 6s) by synchronizing to iCloud because own experience made with this process shows that iCloud undertakes data embezzlement. It means it makes more than just data synchronization. I mean after backup was completed for some sort of data the iCloud claims following From now on the data from your iPhone you have synchronized to iCloud is in my owe, if you need it connect to me I will show you the data. Prior to backup data was stored on iPhone locally. After backup it was stored on iCloud and iPhone could see it only when connected to iCloud. It costed lot of work to restore it to state as
    before synchronizing to iCloud. At least Calendar data was affected. That experience was made some weeks after purchase - spring this year, iOS current at that time was installed those days. From all backup solutions of other vendors and from all kind of platforms, device types and os types I didn't not see so far such stupid backup concept.

    In this case before the first synchronization to iCloud the iPhone was set to cloud-less mode - all data stored locally. The system is expected that synchronization with iCloud merely adds some kind of data redundancy, nothing more.

    This way myself still has to live with iPhone data not backed up at all, because no reasonable solution found.
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    I'm really, really trying to understand. Read it about 3 times. Your title suggests that using iCloud backup, you have lost data? But then your body suggests that you don't like using iCloud period, even to set up the iPhone? But then you say that backing up your device is just adding redundancy and doesn't seem necessary? And then there are no reliable ways to backup your device?
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    I am sorry for coming back to this point after long time - no free resources were available to make continuation.
    The thread and headline were corrected. I hope it is more understandable now.

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