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    May 29, 2010
    I've recently bought my first Mac Book Pro and was pleasantly surprised how easy data transfer from my iMac went to the Macbook. Now I've been working on both machines on and of, and it puzzles me how to keep al in sync?

    * I like to sync my email accounts (about 10 different accounts)

    * I like to sync files on two directories only - my business administration (which is a filemaker database) and the regular reports etc. (mainly pages, numbers, pdf and keynotes files) - since the MacBook is only for work and on my iMac also private files are stored.

    * I'd like iCal to be in sync on both machines as well as on my iPhone.

    * I was wondering whether it would be wise to make a bootable partition on my MacBook so that I can continue working when anything goes wrong on the iMac? Might be wise to do so on both machines?

    Can I use iSync for these actions? Or should I look for another programme ?
    I took a glance at Chronosync but there I expect some difficulties with the mail database?

    I know these are beginner questions but I do not seem to find the right answers on all forums. Can any one help me out?

    Kind regards,

    Anneke (Netherlands)
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    Shouldn't the IMAP mail protocol do this? (if your mail provider supports it—only a very small handful don't anymore)

    Look up Dropbox, it's brilliant tool without which I can't survive anymore. :)

    Either get MobileMe or set up Google Calendar sync (via Exchange on iPhone).

    I'm not too sure what you mean, wouldn't you be able to use the MBP if anything happened to the iMac? Don't you already have a bootable partition on it, how else would it run Snow Leopard..?
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    This gets asked about 50 times per week so please use MROOGLE

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