Syncing Address Book and iCal gets messy; confused

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    May 2, 2010
    Hi All,

    I've been an happy Mac and iPhone user for quite some time now. A few month ago I decided to sign up for MobileMe. The synchronization of my calendar, address book and email seemed perfect in combination with the other features like iDisk. The signup went very smooth and after the trial period I decided to upgrade to full membership. However, after a few month I encountered some problems:

    1. Appointments in the calendar that I mark as 'all day long' keep getting multiplied in my calendar until there are like ten of the same appointments on the same day. I think this has something to do with the settings but I don't know what. I also don't know very well which calendar to display/use on my iPhone since there are like 7 different calendars. All from my Mac (divided into home, agenda and work), All MobileMe (again divided into home, work and agenda). Which one to use? I just need one calendar for all my appointments. Does this also has to do with settings in iTunes (synchronization)?

    2. The address book on my Mac looks the way it should be but the address list on my iPhone has steadily filled up with all sort of contacts that I didn't add. There are a lot of nameless SMTP addresses (like 200) and a lot of email addresses without name just displaying the address. For me it is no problem removing those but I want to be sure that they don't come back. Is this also a matter of settings? What contacts list should I use as my common list on my iPhone? Under 'groups' you can choose from all contacts, all on my iPhone or all MobileMe. This confuses me.

    I forgot to mention that I also have an Microsoft exchange account running since this is my email from university. Could this be the source of all the SMTP addresses?

    I sincerely hope some can point me in the right direction because my MobileMe isn't as organized as it is supposed to be, I guess, haha.

    Thanks in advance.


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