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    Hello all,

    I searched and couldn't find exactly what I am asking.. I have a noob question since I just got my iPhone coming from a Nokia XM 5800.. I use two different computers for syncing: a MBP for photos & photos only, and a Windows 7 PC for musics, apps, and everything else. Both syncs up fine but I am very frustrated with the App part of it. I noticed that every time I sync, whatever apps I downloaded and organized into folders on my iPhone would get broken and revert back to the configuration that I did on iTune. Meaning that I would have to organize all my apps on the iPhone using iTune every time for it to stick. Is this normal? All I wanted is that whatever I downloaded and organized on the go with iPhone to sync to my iTune, not the other way around.. :mad:
    Any help would be great!
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    Jun 25, 2008
    Anyone? This is driving me nuts not knowing that to do!!
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    Try to authorize that computer in "store" (I think) menu in iTunes. Notice that you must be logged in with the same account you bought those apps.

    Not sure if this work either for apps or music and other stuff, but I think it will work for apps

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