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    Ok, I'm really really new to Mobile Me. I just figured I'd give it a try when my new computer during setup asked. Two months for free, no harm. I've read a little about it and some stuff intrigues me.

    But, the biggest thing I was interested in was being able to sync my iphone and computer calendars and contacts without even connecting them or even having to tell them too. I like the idea that if I enter it into my iphone I can consider it entered into the macbook.

    Except that everytime I try to sync mobile me to my computer's calendar from the computer mobile me prefs it barely gets anything on it (I have a macbook pro, using ical so it really should be compatible seeing as it's Apple's service, Apple's computer, and Apple's software). LIke my whole work schedule (which is on its "own calendar" on ical) is ignored. Thankfully it doesn't wipe it off of my ical (or I'd be *PISSED*). I haven't even tried my iphone cause right now I figure I should see how this works before I mess up my calendar entirely and have it not saved on anything (I suppose I do have it backed up on a backup file).

    Is there something I should be doing or is it just that buggy? And if so, totally not impressed at all. Cause for me that was the biggest allure of it. And it's not even like I'm using windows or a different calendar to sync from. So it should be easy for apple to get mobile me to work with ical since ical is apple's own program!
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    After using Mobile Me for a while, I can tell you that the syncing services work's really the best part of the Mobile Me services, in my opinion. Don't give up on it, yet. I think you should start by checking the calendar setup on your computer and your phone. Use this guide to make sure you have everything set up on both correctly. The syncing does not happen automatically, there is a LITTLE setup involved. Once you have that done, it will work over the air automatically.

    Good luck!

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