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    Hi everyone,

    First of all, I apologize if this has already been posted, but I searched the forums and couldn't find anything.

    After upgrading my library to iTunes Plus today, I've decided to finally start syncing content on my iPhone. Previously, I have manually managed my ringtones, music, movies, photos, podcasts and apps (pretty much everything except mail, contacts and calendar, which I do over Mobile Me).

    I am planning on syncing my apps before everything else. By checking the "Sync Applications" box, will my iPhone app data be deleted? I realize that the apps will be removed, but do the apps I've purchased on my iPhone and that have been synced to my computer (but not the other way round because I've had this box unchecked before) contain the data from my iPhone?

    If this is not the case and my iPhone app data will be removed, I will try only to sync my ringtones, music, movies, photos and podcasts. If I do this, will my apps be deleted and replaced? Will my notes, Text messages, Safari history etc be deleted?

    I hope this question is clear enough. My MacBook Pro is running 10.5.6, iTunes 8.0.2 and iPhone firmware 2.2. It has not been modified or unlocked.

    Thanks for your help.
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    It should back everything up and sync apps downloaded on iphone to computer, but if you are unsure:

    just connect your phone to iTunes
    right click on the phone in the left pane

    click sync applications. This will force a sync of apps on your iphone to your computer.

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