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    Oct 17, 2010
    So I thought that I was tech savvy...but apparently not

    So here are the issues I am having and the setup I am running.

    First of all the setup.

    I have an iPhone4(Verizon)
    Work computer running Windows and outlook email and contacts and calendar application updated over the air on the iPhone. No itunes on the work computer

    Mac Pro-personal computer, gmail account-personal email. iTunes is loaded on this computer with all my songs and goodies.

    The issues I am having are:

    1. When I update/add a contact on my iPhone it does not update my contacts list on my work computer?
    2. Is there a way to my contacts in general without having to plug into my work computer?
    3. When I add a contact on my iPhone and update via iTunes it does not save it?

    Basically having problems with the contacts linking all I going to have to plug into both computers to link everything together? It seems kind of redundant???

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    Don't know why it posted twice...I apologize...feel free to delete one mods


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