Syncing in mobileme with 2 devices at the same time

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    Jan 23, 2008
    This thought just came to me and I've yet to test it out. I would like to gather some thoughts from you guys first.

    Here's the scenario:-

    Say I have a mac in the office configured to sync to my mobileme account, and this is tendered by my secretary who is in charged of updating my appointments etc on my ical. I on the other hand has the iphone with me, set up with my mobileme account as well. Let's just say the content currently over at the cloud, mac and iphone is A hypothetically.

    Now if the both of us are to update the calendar on the 2 devices simultaneously, lets say I added content B, and she added content C, how would mobileme handle these changes?

    Would it reflect content:

    1) A+B at the cloud, or :-
    2) A+C, or :-
    3) A+B+C?

    Logically, I would expect mobileme to be able to handle multiple updates to a single account simultaneously. So naturally, I would expect none other than outcome 3 to be the logical conclusion.

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    Dec 19, 2008
    Hamilton, Ontario
    Nice scenario.

    Firstly, the idea of simultaneously is an exact science in itself.

    But, the idea of you both adding something at a very close time isn't far from the real world.

    Naturally the 'cloud' ( will just merge both events coming. So in your post, thats c) A+B+C.

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