Syncing iPad with new iMac (originally my PC)

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    Apr 2, 2010
    So I wanted to sync my iPad with my new iMac and get away from using my PC. I plugged in and it says that its already sync'd with another iTunes and "do I want to erase and sync". This message won't go away. I thought maybe it was just my music - no biggie... so ok, sure... then I see it trying to remove my apps! Before I decided to cancel it removed a dozen of my apps off my iPad and it looks like within iTunes as well.

    I immediately downloaded them again via the iPad.. but WTF? If I connect again, it asks to erase and sync again. Are you kidding me?

    So am I stuck with my PC or do I have to let it destroy my iPad, its apps, and all its settings then re-download them all manually? Seriously this would be a HUGE amount of effort. The way it is I lost good reader with a ton of data that I probably won't now get back. (Tried connecting to my old PC to restore, now it says it wants to erase and sync)

    This is crazy. Please tell me I'm doing something wrong and that I don't have a huge headache ahead just because I wanted to move to an iMac from my PC.
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    Jun 26, 2010
    I'm not 100% certain, because I haven't touched Windows in a long time, but I think you can just copy the itunes library (including all of the apps) from your PC to your Mac and as long as you use the same itunes account, it should work.

    in Mac, the correct folder is: /music/itunes/itunes media/mobile applications

    you will erase your ipad in the process of syncing to another computer, but they should resync in if you copy them over.

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