Syncing iPhone to a new computer?

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    I currently have a 6s+ that is synced to my desktop PC and always has been. I back it up to both the pc and iCloud. However, this computer is on it's last legs and I recently got a laptop to replace it. How difficult is it going to be to sync my iPhone to iTunes on the new laptop?I remember in the past seeing people talk about how it's a huge pain to do this, but I was hoping that with time and technology changes, that may not still be the case. I've tried Google, but the results are either wayyy outdated or require purchasing an expensive software program.

    Honestly, the only things on the phone I'm worried about losing are my contacts and pictures. contacts are backed up to iCloud and Verizon Backup Assistant, and the pictures are backed up on a flash drive and have been copied to the new laptop. i feel like even if I have to restore the phone to factory settings, I'm still covered. Hoping it doesn't come to that though.

    So, any tips, tricks, advice? Or should I just plug her in and whatever happens happens? Thanks in advance :)
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    Surely you can just plug it in and choose to back up to he new Mac via iTunes.
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    As long as you have iTunes installed on your new laptop PC, plug your 6s+ via USB to the laptop with iTunes running and it should appear. Then click on backup, backup now. After you finish the backup to the new PC, go to iCloud on your 6s+ and select backup now. You're done.
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    Backup yes, but syncing an empty iTunes to an already configured device might cause some headaches. That's why as the first step one should move the existing iTunes library to the new computer.

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