syncing iPhone with two computers ?

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by anonymous4a, Dec 22, 2013.

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    Aug 6, 2012
    Hi, I don't know how this is done , but my iphone was first synced with my old computer , all of the playlists and songs that I had saved for iphone in itunes were brought over to my iphone . Also , that itunes also included a list of all the apps that I've downloaded .

    The new computer itunes that I synced my iphone with just seems to copy over voice memos . And it doesn't seem to have a list of apps that I've downloaded . So if I restore my iphone and sync it to my new computer, would I still get everything back ? ( text messages , app chat history , playlists songs , etc .. )
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    iTunes doesnt allow media on a single device to be Synced with more than one Library at any given time ... so If you press sync on the new iTunes , it will say its going to remove everything on the phone and sync whatever you have on this iTunes (which is nothing) ... So you need to move all your stuff from that iTunes to this new one and then perform the sync so this becomes your primary and you dont lose stuff.
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    They did this partly to prevent piracy so that people didn't buy music then share it with friends.
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    so does it only apply to music ? What about my photos, apps and app history , etc ? I did do a iphone backup on my new computer .
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    You can sync an iPhone with 2 computers, but they have to be syncing different forms of media. For example, you can sync your books and movies through one computer and then music from another, but you can't have the music library of 2 different computers.
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    The way it's done is by making sure you've got two iTunes libraries with the same Library Persistent ID.

    I googled and found this very simple and straightforward guide with a simple internet search:

    Don't listen to the nay-sayers, take control and enjoy your newfound freedom :)


    Oh, wait. You only wanted to move your entire library to a new computer? Simply copy all the relevant folders (for instance, /Music/iTunes/) from your old to your new computer. That way, you'll keep the folder structure and use the exact same library as before - as if nothing happened.

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