Syncing issues with two iPhones and two iPads

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    I'm looking for some guidance, my wife and I both have an iPhone and a new ipad2.

    I have iTunes on a laptop and have successfully synced my iPhone and iPad to my iTunes account.

    My wife has a very different taste in music, apps etc and has her own iTunes account. The only access she has to iTunes on a computer is via my laptop but I can't seem to sync her phone or iPad with her iTunes account, for some reason it iTunes wants to sync my content to her devices.

    How can I resolve this?
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    Ummmm, if your wife doesn't have her own computer, where are her music and apps located?

    In any case, there's two basic ways to go about this.

    1. iTunes lets you create more than one iTunes library on a computer. Create a separate library for your wife, and let her do her own thing. In order to create a new library or switch between libraries, hold down the shift key while opening iTunes. (might be a different key if you have a Mac, but that's the general idea)

    2. Use a single iTunes account and a single iTunes library, and make separate playlists for your music and your wife's music. You can also pick and select which apps sync with which iDevice.

    A variation of this option is that you can use both accounts with the same iTunes library, but once both accounts are in the same library, as far as I know, there's no quick way to tell which app/music was bought with which account.

    Personally I prefer the second method, because switching libraries is a pain, and there might be occasional apps/music that you and your wife both use, but if you are using separate accounts/libraries, you'd have to buy them twice. But you'd have to be diligent about sorting your music into playlists.

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