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Discussion in 'iPad' started by bmms8, Apr 12, 2010.

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    we have an ipad and we are trying to sync pictures from a pc laptop to the ipad. we have completed that so far, but i am now trying to sync my pictures from my mbp to the same ipad. it asks me to delete all the previous sycned photos, which is not what i want to do, is there a work around on this issue? tia.
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    Dec 19, 2007
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    Not possible unless you use MobileMe
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    No you can't have multiple itunes account on one iThing. Why don't you log in to the same iTunes account from the second machine. Log out of the primary iTunes account and log in as the same account that is associated with your iPad. Remember to turn off music sync. In fact, turn off everything but photos. Then let the sync run and it will add the photos to the iPad from the second computer (though it might still delete the ones that were put there by the first machine). This might be a good question for Apple support to ask them how to avoid deleting photos when adding photos. What I have been doing is leaving photo sync turned off and I use the gallery app to copy stuff from my MobileMe photo galleries to my iPod Touch and my iPad. They go to the "camera roll" and shouldn't be deleted if I ever decide to sync photos in the future.
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    If you have multiple iPhoto libraries, and want to mix and match them on various computers or iDevices (touches, pads, phones) the best solution is Aperture.

    It lets you import iPhoto libraries, merge them, split them, etc. You can read more at:

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