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    Oct 17, 2014
    does anyone understand this?
    its really frustrating, apple already won't let me drag and drop from iTunes onto my iPhone because i have icloud music library which makes no sense to me. but the question is...

    what do i actually have on my flippin phone?

    how can i have 176 songs but then it say i have 2000+??
    and on my iPhone- general>about it says i have 1400 songs?
    this is my full iTunes library
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    May 30, 2010
    (N.B. Your first image isn't displaying fully but I'm guessing it's a screenshot of the about page on your iPhone.)

    Think of iCloud Music Library as a syncing service for iTunes. Because that's really all it is - it keeps the music and playlists in sync across all your devices, automatically, via the Internet.

    This is why you cannot drag-and-drop songs onto your iPhone because iCloud Music Library is in charge of what music should and should not be on your iPhone.

    What do I have on my flippin phone?
    Everything. But by default, it won't all download automatically because your iPhone has only 18GB free, and the rest of the 7500+ songs in your iTunes library are more than 18GB. If you go to Settings -> Music, you will probably see Optimise Storage is turned on. This means iCloud Music Library only downloads the songs you listen to most frequently to your phone.

    But again, everything - all 10,172 songs - are playable if you have an Internet connection on your iPhone. Don't let the conflicting figures put you off, because some display all the songs in your iTunes library, while others are showing just how many you have downloaded locally.

    If you want to make sure a specific song is on your phone, download it by tapping the cloud icon. Same goes for whole playlists and albums.
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    Oct 17, 2014
    i cropped the top off of it thats the reason why lol!

    ahh ok, I'm debating turning it off in the case then. do you have it on? would there be a repercussion to me turning it off?

    I check that but it was actually turned off, Im just confused as to why i have around 4 different figures as to what music i have on my phone lol.

    Also i have noticed, on iOS 10 i cannot save an artists library for offline like i could in iOS 9, i now have to do it album by album which is real annoying.

    I'm right in thinking that there is no bulk way to save music for offline?

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