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Discussion in 'iPod touch Hacks' started by petercockroach, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. petercockroach macrumors newbie

    Jun 11, 2007
    Hi everyone. Now that I can add events on my Touch's calendar and create Notes, is there any way to sync them to my Macbook? This does not seem to happen through iTunes (understandable considering they probably did not build in support for the touch to sync these programs in both directions).


  2. madmaxmedia macrumors 68030

    Dec 17, 2003
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    Calendar events should be synced, if you enable it in iTunes. Select your Touch in the iTunes sidebar, then select the tab "Info". That will allow you to pick certain information to sync- bookmarks, calendar, contacts.

    Unfortunately, Notes cannot be synced at this time on the Touch or iPhone. It was promised as a Leopard feature (syncing with Notes in the new Mail app), but was removed from Apple's web page prior to the Leopard release. I imagine it is coming soon, but not sure if it will require the next firmware update, a Leopard update, etc.

    All the notes are stored in a single db file. I would love for someone to create an app to convert notes to a set of text files or something like that. 2-way synchronization would be better, but even a text dump would be helpful. You can open the db file in TextEdit and see your content, but it's got a lot of tags and stuff, and is all 1 single file of course.

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