Syncing Notes on IPhone/IPod Touch

Discussion in 'iPod' started by RicciRicardo, Apr 21, 2009.

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    Apr 21, 2009
    You already have an *Ipod Touch (*ITouch*)/Iphone* with the necessary network setup (wifi), as well as MobileMe setup and working on "push"
    1/Open System Preferences then open MobileMe
    2/Open the Sync tab and select Notes
    3/Select "Synchronize with MobileMe: Automatically"
    4/Exit MobileMe and System Preferences
    5/Open Mail on your Mac
    6/Scroll down to Reminders and click on the > (arrow pointing right before *Reminders*)
    7/Proceed to *Notes*(*DO NOT CLICK ON NOTES)*
    8/Instead click on the > (arrow in from of the Notes icon that points right)
    9/Two options are now available in Notes 1>On My Mac & 2>MobileMe
    10/Now for the fun part. Go to Notes by clicking on the word *Notes*(DO NOT CLICK > ARROW)
    11/Highlight all the Notes you've created and drag them to the MobileMe icon below Notes in Mail
    12/*Sync* MobileMe now by clicking the MobileMe icon on the Taskbar(upper right corner of your Mac) Tadaaaaaaa! It's done enjoy!
    All your Notes should now be on your ITouch/IPhone
    One Love,Peace & Happiness! :)

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