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  1. rball1979 macrumors regular

    Jun 6, 2008
    OK, so I'm 80% sure I know the answer to this question but I just want to be sure before I do it.
    I use Mobile Me with my iPhone and Mac Pro. I'm moving to the US tomorrow and my Mac bro has been taken by the removal men and I won't see it for another few months! I have a PC for work and want to start syncing my iphone with that.
    Now all my contacts, calenders etc are on the iphone (and the MobileMe cloud) so if I start syncing with MM on the PC, I'm not going to loose any of my contacts am I? They will simply be consolidated and moved onto the PC, and stay on the Iphone...similarly, any contacts I have on my PC will move to the iPhone.
    Just don't want to lose my contacts before I move!
  2. ingenious macrumors 68000


    Jan 13, 2004
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    If they're all in the cloud, you'll be okay. New computers don't EVER wipe out the MM cloud unless you SPECIFICALLY tell it to, so no sweat :)
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    Download the PC MobileMe control panel software, then tell it to copy all the cloud info to your PC. They should then be in sync from then on out.

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