Syncing PC/MacBook, iPhone 4/5

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    Dec 25, 2008
    I have not synced my iPhone 4 to my PC in months - I have been updating apps on the phone itself and backing up to iCloud. I now have a MacBook and have not connected the iPhone 4 to it at all.

    Now today, I purchased an iPhone 5. I installed the iCloud backup, but of course that didn't include my apps or my photos that were taken longer than 30 days ago. I'd like to have both my apps (in their folders with their appropriate settings) and my photos on my new phone.

    Do I need to sync my iPhone 4 with my PC one last time, transfer that info over to my MacBook, and then somehow install that backup onto my new phone? I have some music on the iPhone 4, but do not care if that is lost in the transfer process.

    Also, on iTunes on my PC, all the music is stored on external HDs, and almost none of it is purchased from iTunes.
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    Dec 25, 2008
    Update -

    I connected the 4, created a backup only, then restored my 5 from that backup. That worked for my photos and settings, but the only apps that installed were the ones that I had manually re-downloaded from this morning until now. They ended up in their same folders, but now those folders only have 1 or 2 apps in them. Is there any reason that it would only have reinstalled those few apps as opposed to reinstalling all of them?

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