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    Sorry if this has been gone over and over again--I have asked all my iPhone/iPod/iPad owning friends this questions and none of them ever seem to sync their devices with iTunes. I, however, DO sync my iPhone 4 to iTunes about once a week and make a backup in case any problems come up.

    So my question(s) is/are--

    My iPad 2 should be coming in a few weeks. When I hook it up to my iTunes, will it allow me to just sync all the same apps that I have on my phone? Will it let me pick and choose which ones I pull over? If there is an iPad specific version of an app I have on iTunes, will it notify me first?

    How do you guys handle it when you have multiple iDevices syncing to the same iTunes? Just trying to do a little planning ahead.
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    from the horse's mouth: How to use multiple iPods with one computer.

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