Sync'ing Reminders and Notes to Android


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May 16, 2017
Toronto, Canada
Beyond my iPhone, WatchOS and MacOS, I'm a bit ambidextrous OS-wise, and have recently acquired a Samsung tablet - I really don't need a $400+ tablet to do what I want one to do - a $150 one suits me just fine.
Prior to iOS 13 / Catalina, I used the excellent Smoothsync app and its sidekick TasksPlus to sync my iCloud Calendar, Contacts and Reminders to Android, but Apple has tweaked Reminders and placed it elsewhere (in CloudKit), and Smoothsync can't access it (yet). Contacts and Calendar still works, thankfully.

Certainly with enough cut / pasting, there's options within Google's various products to accomplish this - and add Keep for Notes, or a number of other options, too - but I decided to go with Microsoft's ToDo. I feel marginally more secure about where my information is going (3rd Party-wise), and being cross-platform (like many of the other similar software is), I can access it easier than Apple's proprietary software.

The cutting /pasting was a bit tedious, but while I was at it, I also added a new list called Notes, and included my stuff from Apple's app there, too. Tossed Reminders and Notes into my iPhone's 'Junk Drawer' folder, and am happily using ToDo for both now.

Sorry Apple.