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  1. Tara Luvs Apple macrumors 6502a

    Mar 16, 2008
    I am trying the trial edition before I purchase the one-year subscription, and I have noticed a few annoying things.

    The first one being dates. Whenever I add a birthdate or anniversary to my iPhone, it syncs to my Mobileme account, but the actual date is sometimes a day ahead of the day in my phone. The day does not change on the phone and I have to manually change it online.

    The other problem for me is the contact groups. I added a few and places some names in there, but sometimes some names would disappear from the group online. When I look at my iPhone, I see the group titles, but when I go into the group, there are no names in them. (But there are names in the groups online.) I can add a name, but it only brings me to add a new contact and not add contacts from already entered. After a while, I got mad and just deleted the groups from online. I look at my iPhone, and the groups are all still there (well except for one group that did not sync in the first place).

    My MacBook does not let me access the option to sync and there are no birthdays on my calendar online.

    I called Apple and they had me talk with a Mobileme specialist and he put in some kind of form stating what bugs are on it.
  2. philamac macrumors regular

    Jul 11, 2008
    1) same problem with all-day events such as birthdays and anniversaries, some of them show up as the previous day (some of them don't). For example, I have one birthday on July 13th, but on the MobileMe Calendar it shows up on July 12th. I checked the contact in everything and it is indeed July 13th. I checked all timezone settings, turned them off/on (pretty sure it's NOT a timezone thing though as I said, some events appear correctly while some don't). I cannot get that birthday to show up on the correct date no matter what. Then there are other cases where I have a birthday on July 8th, and it shows up on the MoMe calendar correctly as July 8th... my conclusion, MoMe Calendar is seriously bugged out.

    2) for your problem with contact group staying on your iphone even after deleting them, use this temporary fix that i've found. Make sure your contacts on MoMe are all present & correct, go to iPhone settings > mail,cal,contacts > select your MoMe account > and Slide the Contacts tab OFF to turn contact syncing off. This WILL ERASE all your contacts from your iPhone. Then turn it back on, the contacts will be pushed down from MoMe server to your phone. Contacts should then work correctly until the next bug comes around :)

    3) Please keep us up to date with any progress you make with Apple Support & its MobileMe specialists. Thanks

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