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    hey everyone. i have a jailbroken iphone 3g which is currently running 2.2. i have always synced up my phone to my pc but now want to sync it up to my mac. my pc is having a lot of problems and constantly crashing and i dont want to take the chance of having something go wrong while im trying to restore it. i just moved over all my music to my mac from my ipod using pod to mac. my question is can i just plug my iphone into my mac, do a dfu restore, intstall 3.01, then jailbreak again and still have all my contacts, pictures and settings? from what i understand my apps won't be transfered over which isnt really a problem for me. is there anything else i will lose in the process? also what should i use to jailbreak? my understanding is that right now i can use either pwnage tool or redsnow. i ask because ive never used either (quickpwn is what i used which i found to be very easy to deal with). thank you so much for the help guys.
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    Here's some stuff to help with transferring from PC to Mac:

    You will lose all your jailbroken apps, but if you use something like AptBackup then you can get most of your jailbroken stuff back pretty easily (although some apps are still not tooled properly for 3.0+)

    I think you can only use redsn0w but point redsn0w to the original 3.0 .ipsw after you have loaded 3.0.1 on your iPhone.

    Lastly, you may be able to use a backup from your Windows machine and transfer it to the backup location on the mac. The PC location may be here:

    The Mac location is: /Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup

    If you are a MobileMe user, then you have no worries as this will all come down once the phone is restored.

    Hope it all goes smoothly!

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