Syncing with a PC at work and a Mac at home

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by asphalt-proof, Sep 26, 2008.

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    Aug 15, 2003
    Ok so I am sure some (few, most, all) of you have already discovered this but I have my iPhone set up to sync with my PC at work. It has my calendar and contacts synced to my Outlook. I also have a small iTunes library on this computer but hardly ever use it. So today I need to charge my phone at home so I decide to connect it to my mac here fully expecting it to ask if I want to restore and then sync to this mac.

    But no, it only asked if I wanted to sync my iTunes. I say 'sure' expecting to have all my contacts and calendar items be erased but after the sycn was completed, i fired it up and lo and behold, my calendar and contacts were intact.

    Now this may not seem like a big deal to you users but this was huge for me. I have depended all of my professional life on some sort of Palm, PocketPC, Treo, or the smartphone equivalent to keep me on track, on time, and connected. Syncing was always a lesson in hate. Even if I had successfully synced the Treo or smartphone a thousand times to my work PC, the next sync was always a crapshoot. It was just so random. But to be able to successfully sync to two COMPLETELY different operating systems with nary a hiccup just sent me over the edge. I dug up one of my old Treos and stomped on it. Then I broke an iPaq over my knee. It just ticks me off when I think of all the mental anguish I suffered at the hands of incompetent hardware vendors.

    Is the iPhone perfect? No, but it is as close to paradise as I have ever been with a smartphone. But this iPhone continually seems to amaze me and impress me.

    Just thought I would share. Thanks for listening.
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    yup, its pretty easy to do. Just select your syncing options on each computer in iTunes and as long as you dont select the same thing in two places, you're golden. :D

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