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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by faithfulFrank, Oct 12, 2006.

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    Hi again,
    I appreciate the kind help I always get here.

    my question is this. I am having a problem synching between my mail and my .mac.
    I click in the synch symbol up on the top right corner of my decktop, and it starts synching my mail, bookmarks, etc, and when it is done, it looks ok.

    But it does not look like it really did anything. Today i cleaned out my inbox on my mail app. I've been lazy, and had over 800 email in my inbox. I cleaned it out and got it down to 99. I then went to my internet, clicked .mac and i saw that it showed over 800. I then synched. After synching, my inbox on my computer still showed 99 but my .mac still showed over 800.

    Isn't there a way to make them both the same, without deleteing everything twice? Also, which way does it sync? Like today, I wanted the .mac to match my cleaned out inbox, but wouldn't sometimes you would want it to go the other way, like if you lost all your email on your computer, but still had it on your .mac, like your .mac is your backup? How do you know what way it will go?

    I guess it is a moot question for me so far, because it is not synching anyway.

    When I go to my applications and click isync, it tells me there is no device to hook up to. When i click that little round arrows thing up by the clock, it seems to at least TRY to synch.

    I just want to understand how sync works, and how to get it to work so I do not have to delete 700 emails 2 times.

    thanks! Frank D.
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    mad jew

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    It can sometimes take a little while for the syncing to be registered by .Mac. Nevertheless, if you feel it isn't syncing at all then you can reset the sync data in System preferences (under the .Mac pane). Be careful with this feature though. Get one machine set up exactly as you like and then reset the other devices/machines. That might help.

    Also, in Mail you can synchronise an account from the Mailbox menu. This might help for those 700 deleted emails. :)

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