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    Nov 2, 2007
    Right all my contacts, music etc are on my g5 tower at work but for some reason i can't log onto the uk itunes store or log in, it keeps defulting back to the us site i think this is an issue with the broadband (comes free with the office space!!) so i can log in at home on laptop but if i register my iphone with the laptop (v old and full up!) will i be able to put all my contacts etc on my iphone from the tower later?
    or can i take a hard drive home with all info and sync it from the hard drive?

    need help only 24 hours to go?!
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    Oct 15, 2007
    Jackson, Mississippi
    As long as both iTunes are registered to the same account

    I sync with my Macbook at home and Dell PC (unfortunatly) at work. As long as both iTunes programs are tied to the same account, you should be okay. It will ask you if you want to merge the two sets of data or erase one and write over. Choose merge if you want your iPhone to carry the data from both computers.

    It works nicely, I use it mostly to transfer my work calendar to my home PC, and dates added in either are automatically synced over both computers and the iPhone when it's plugged in.

    For some reason, it doesnt really like combining music, only information (contacts, calendars, bookmarks, ect). So if you figure out a nice way to merge music let me know. Good luck!
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    Nov 2, 2007
    thanks mate your a star thats great news put my mind at rest i'll register at home on the laptop and take the contacts off my tower later.
    was getting a little worried i was stuffed.
    If i sort out a music solution i'll let you know.:):):):)

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