Syncplicity/Sugar Sync - FTP alternative?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by mattkidd, Mar 22, 2012.

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    For some time now I have been a free member of Syncplicity (which for those of you don't know, is a cloud based file syncing service, which backs up your files and folders and synchronises them across multiple computers etc). I have been using the Free 5GB storage space I have obtained by inviting friends to the service.

    I couldn't fault syncplicty one bit, its perfect, its excellent on many occasions I have deleted a file by accident or needed to access it from elsewhere and syncplicty has aided me with this. Every document I create with some importance is uploaded onto Syncplicity, every incremental change, which is then pushed directly to all my computers so they remain up-to date.

    I am now approaching the end of my 'free' capacity and its about $10(£7) a month to extend to 50GB membership, i would also like to upload my iPhoto library to the cloud... now the membership is cheap... however i am already paying for a web server hosted with hostgator... with unlimited storage and bandwidth

    I wanted to know whether or not it's possible to use FTP for exactly the same purposes as Syncplicity.... is there any specific application such as the Syncplicty App which allows me to select folders to upload (sync) and for it to the monitor the folders/files for changes, in which it then uploads the changes automatically in the background as though its not there. Not only that but be capable of also downloading the changes across devices once a new version has been uploaded(So it can be on more than one machine and remain in sync). The files would be stored in an FTP directory, but it would be the Apps job to monitor changes on both sides..

    I have found a number of different Apps such as Transmit but its not automatic and is not really a 'background app'

    Any suggestions? ;)
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    I don't think you are going to find anything quite as seamless using FTP. There is some server side code going on there to make all that work nicely.

    Not positive it's available in the UK, but dropbox does what you are looking for for free, and thus far it doesn't seem to be a time limit for the freeness. I think you get 2 gigs for free from the get-go and can get additional space with referrals.

    It does have something built in for Photos, but you might find that flickr or picasa might serve those needs better.

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